Reciprocal Broker or Salesperson

6 Credit Hours

  • What are the qualifications to obtain a reciprocal license in Alabama? 1. Hold a current license on either active or inactive status in the state where you took prelicense course work.
    2. Have taken the entire exam that is called for to be licensed in your qualifying state.
    3. Obtain a certification of licensure (license history) from your qualifying state and any other state(s) where you hold or have held a license within the past 5 years.
    4. Complete the appropriate 6 hours of Alabama law in either the salesperson or broker prelicense course.
    5. Pass the Alabama law portion of Alabama’s salesperson or broker licensing exam.

    While taking the 6-hour course on Alabama license law, applicants for a reciprocal license should request an evaluation of their license status from their qualifying state. This link will take you to a Request Form that you can send to your qualifying state for the verification information required by the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

    This form, along with certification(s) of licensure from your qualifying state plus any other states in which you have been licensed within the past 5 years, may be faxed or mailed to the Commission. You may also scan in your certifications of licensure and email them to the Commission along with a request for determination of reciprocal licensing exam eligibility.

    Alabama Real Estate Commission
    1201 Carmichael Way
    Montgomery, Alabama 36106
    334.242.5544 Phone
    334.270.9118 Fax

    When you complete the course your completion information will be transmitted to the testing agency, Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP). As soon as AMP processes your information you will receive an email from AMP indicating that you can schedule an appointment for the Alabama license law portion of the state exam.