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All licensees are required to take fifteen (15) hours of continuing education every two (2) years in order to renew a license. Of these (15) hours, three (3) hours must be the required course, Risk Management: Initial Contact to Accepted Offer. 

As of October 1, 2022, all brokers (qualifying brokers and associate brokers) must take a new Mandatory Broker CE Course. Career Academy of Real Estate does not have this new course available at this time. Please contact The Alabama Real Estate Commission for a source for this new course.  While this new course is mandatory for all brokers, it can be taken by salespeople for elective credit.


Risk Management: From Initial Contact to Accepted Offer is a still a required course for all licensees.  


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This course meets all learning objectives and criteria for the REALTORS Code of Ethics Training.
This course looks at what constitutes ethical leadership. It also makes the case that leadership is not only found at the top of an organization. We are all called upon to be leaders. This course also takes a look at illegal practices in real estate to avoid.
This course is a refresher on Alabama license law. Do you remember what are the 31 ways to lose your license? If not you need to take this course.
Learn how to steer clear of lawsuits by learning when and how to disclose property defects, - how to handle earnest money and other issues regarding antitrust, fair housing and RECAD.
Required Riskmanagement. Learn how to create the initial contact that will become an accepted offer.